Virtual DPO and CISO Services: Elevating Your Organisation’s Security and Compliance

Our Virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services are crafted to meet the rigorous security and compliance demands of organisations without the need for full-time commitment.

Imagine having the expertise of a multi skilled Cyber Security, Data Protection and Information Governance Team of 10 with over 200 years combined experience… Able to handle the complexities and challenges of securing highly regulated environments as part of your team… One person from our team can command a salary upwards of £100,000 alone… Now, imagine harnessing that but 10 x that level of skill and knowledge for your organisation at a cost equivalent to an entry-level technician?

That’s the transformative power of outsourcing our Virtual DPO and CISO services—accessing elite-level expertise without the astronomical budget…

Here’s how these services can benefit your organisation:

Flexible Expertise

Our virtual DPO and CISO services provide the mastery required to manage intricate data protection and security requirements. Whether you require part-time support, occasional consultation, or full-time engagement, our services are adaptable to suit your organisational needs.

Comprehensive Support

We deliver a comprehensive service package that includes multiple specialists from our team. This ensures access to a diverse skill set and continuous support, even during holidays or absences. Our experts cover various domains such as NIST, NIS, PCI DSS, DSPT, ISO 27001, and other specialised areas.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Our virtual DPO and CISO services assist your organisation in staying ahead of regulatory requirements and security challenges. We facilitate tasks like incident management, compliance audits, and risk assessments, ensuring adherence to best practices and regulatory standards.

Integration and Collaboration

Our services seamlessly integrate into your existing organisational framework, spanning from board-level to functional departments. We collaborate closely with your teams to understand and define risk tolerance, provide training and awareness, and support ongoing compliance initiatives.

Gap Analysis and Tailored Solutions

We conduct thorough gap analyses to pinpoint your specific requirements and customise our services accordingly. Whether you opt to outsource the entire DPO or CISO role, supplement your current team, or seek ad-hoc assistance for projects or incidents, we provide precisely tailored support.

Incident Response Management

Our team is equipped to prepare your organisation cyber incidents. We offer hands-on process to design, build and test your Cyber Incident Response, DR & BCP Plans – to fully exercise your responses, should the worst happen.

Professional Development and Training

We offer training and skill enhancement for your internal staff, equipping them with essential capabilities. Our phased approach enables gradual knowledge transfer, empowering your team to independently handle data protection and security responsibilities over time.

Breach Management Expertise

Our extensive experience includes managing breaches, incidents, and near misses. Even organisations in good order can face challenges, and our expertise in breach management ensures understanding of what’s reportable, how to report it, and assessing material damage to data subjects. We provide guidance on crafting suitable responses not only to regulatory bodies like the ICO but also to stakeholders, potentially mitigating prosecution risks through proactive actions and effective communication strategies.

Evolve North’s Virtual DPO and CISO services offer crucial support for managing your organisation’s data protection and security needs. With flexible, comprehensive, and expert-driven services, we assist you in navigating regulatory complexities and IT security challenges effectively. Contact us today to discover how our virtual services can benefit your organisation.

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