Through continuous monitoring and analysis of risks and threats, we ensure our clients have the visibility and understanding of risks and the tools to manage them in the event of an incident or breach.

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A Cyber Incident Response Plan provides a structure approach to managing a cyber security incident. It ensures all required actions have distinct ownership and clearly defined lines of communication.

Third Party Due Diligence

Under current Data Protection legislation, if another organisation is processing personal data on your behalf, you must ensure this third party only processes the data in line with your instructions.

Information Governance & Cyber Security Audits

Evolve North can deliver audits, reviews and gap analysis against a variety of data protection/cyber security standards.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test forms part of a cost-effective risk mitigation plan, giving your stakeholders assurance that you take IT security seriously.

Vulnerability Scanning

Regular vulnerability scanning is an important part of an effective cybersecurity programme.

Web Application Testing

Web application scans identify and assess potential security vulnerabilities in web applications.

Breach Management

We’ve all read about them in the media, but what do you do if you experience a data breach?

Phishing Simulations & Training

Determine the level of risk a phishing attack poses to your organisation by performing a simulated attack

Password Auditing

Password auditing helps eliminate weak passwords from your IT environment, and ensures you have a password policy that works

Building a Training & Awareness Approach

We help organisations understand the training requirements of their organisation and roll out effective Data Protection and IT Security training