Many organisations are unaware of the amount, and complexity, of data they hold. This lack of visibility can prevent, or discourage, organisations taking the necessary steps to protect that data across the entire information lifecycle.

This data management scenario also presents interesting challenges of ownership and control between IT & Governance teams, but Microsoft Purview can help bridge that gap.

Microsoft Purview can help address the following common data problems…

Microsoft 365 workloads can dynamically discover and classify data and apply protection and data leakage prevention. Microsoft Purview Information Scanner can inspect on-premises file stores and classify, label and protect files according to company requirements.

Information Protection labels can secure access and prevent oversharing or inadvertent sharing of sensitive data.

DLP can assist users in their everyday sharing of information by preventing accidental sharing of data, either through visual guidance or enforcement via policy.

Retain and delete data and records.

Microsoft technology forms the basis of our GDPR solution

Why utilise Purview?

Microsoft Purview provides extensive functionality in respect to information rights management. This functionality underpins and improves IT Security, Data Protection and Information Governance. Data Classification provides granular control of an organisations information assets, it ensures that Data Leakage Protection and information access is applied consistently and appropriately.

Unsure of where to get started?

Evolve North can work with you, providing guidance to help ensure your MS Purview environment is effectively designed to reflect your regulatory, compliance and legal obligations.

We will work with you to uncover risk and take action

Already implemented or partially utilising Purview?

We can provide a Purview service review, to assess the current configuration and usage vs your current and upcoming regulatory, compliance and legal obligations every 6-12 months.

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