Monthly Drop In Sessions (Q4 March-May)

Our Monthly Drop In Sessions

Each month, the Evolve North team will be hosting an informal drop in session with Q&A. We will select a topic based on client/market demand, to share our insights, top tips and answer any burning questions. If you cannot wait for below sessions, please contact us for a chat.

Q4 Drop In’s Now Live: March-May!

March (Online) – Employment Practices & Data Protection.

  • Date & Time: 21st March, 11:00-11:45


  • Importance of understanding your staff/volunteers data
  • Key areas of consideration
    • Monitoring
    • Health data
    • Recruitment and selection
    • Managing staff records appropriately
  • Recommendations & Next Steps
  • Q&A

April (Online) – AI: Data Protection Impacts

  • Date & Time: 23rd April, 11:00-11:45


  • What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how might you be using it?
  • Current legislative approach and key guidance
  • Considering Data Protection aspects of AI
    • Meeting DP principles
    • Meeting individuals’ rights
    • Governance considerations
  • How to better manage AI/DP in your organisation
  • Evolve North – AI Risk Assessment Workshop
  • Q&A

May (Online) – M365 Copilot

  • Date & Time: 22nd May, 11:00-11:45


  • Introducing M365 Copilot
  • Turning Copilot On?
    • Considerations – (IG/DP/IT)
    • Benefits – Users
  • Recommendations/Next Steps
  • Q&A

For further information on upcoming events, please follow us on LinkedIn or check out our Insights page.

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