PECR should be considered alongside the Data Protection Act, in relation to specific types of data processing.

These include: where you are using personal information to carry out direct marketing; if you’re using certain types of cookies on your websites and, potentially, if you provide a function that allows someone to look up contact details of individuals on a directory. In addition there are further requirements for electronic communications service providers.

Evolve North can help you consider if your current promotional activities would be classed as direct marketing, making sure you’re carrying out marketing in line with current privacy law. This will include considering whether or not you need consent from individuals, which may be influenced by your marketing approach and who you’re targeting. We can also help you understand whether you can continue to use your marketing lists in the same way, and any implications of ‘bought in’ lists.

We also help organisations understand the types of cookies they use currently, whether a cookie notice may be required on websites, and help you develop cookies policies that effectively inform website users about how their data is used and their options for not sharing information via cookies.

Our PECR support service at a glance…

We’ll review your current practices around appropriate marketing and use of electronic communications.

Reviewing your current websites will allow us to ensure you are compliant with PECR and the GDPR.

We’ll provide guidance on where further improvements may be needed and help to implement these improvements.

Regular training of staff or key groups on the implications of PECR, DPA and the GDPR will ensure a culture of awareness in the organisation.

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