Under the UK GDPR, you must have a DPO if you are a public authority; carry out large-scale, regular and systematic monitoring of individuals; or process large levels of sensitive data. Even if you don’t meet these criteria, it will still be essential to ensure you comply with data protection legislation and manage ongoing risks to personal information.

By either supporting your existing Data Protection Officer (DPO) or responsible lead, or by directly providing a DPO function, we can help you identify and mitigate against risks to personal information and ensure you continue to meet your legal obligations under data protection law. Our key areas of support include creation and implementation of improvement plans, policy and procedure review and development, records of processing and development, and delivery of training and awareness programmes.

As every organisation will have different requirements in terms of levels of support needed, Evolve North will work with you to understand your needs and provide a bespoke solution based on your requirements.

Our DPO support service at a glance…

We’ll identify gaps in your current compliance and provide ongoing auditing to ensure continued compliance with DP law.

You’ll get advice and support for dealing with data breaches, managing data subject requests or completing DPIAs.

We’ll guide you in implementing appropriate actions to remediate identified risks.

Our ongoing advice and guidance in relation to appropriate management of personal information will support continued compliance.

Understanding data protection remains a fundamental part of any modern organisation. Understanding not only what the law says, but also what that means in practice, and how it relates to your customers, staff and stakeholders, remains a specialist job. The privacy professional is the eyes and ears of an organisation in that respect.
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