Password auditing helps eliminate weak passwords from your IT environment, and ensures you have a password policy that works

A regular password audit will test if your password policy is effective and that your users are setting strong passwords. Strong passwords are necessary to avoid breaches and secure your data.

Password auditing, combined with user education, is also an effective way of motivating users to set complex passwords by demonstrating how quickly and easily weak passwords can be cracked.

Our password audits can be tailored to your exact requirements. With advanced results reporting IT administrators are able to drill down and identify precisely where the highest risks to the organisation exist, meaning remedial activities can be highly targeted if desired.

Our Password Auditing service at a glance…

The results of your audit will be documented with key areas of risk, such as cracked privileged accounts, highlighted for your convenience.

Our documentation includes recommended password policy wording to help you ensure your users are setting strong passwords.

We recommend bi-annual auditing be performed and we can compare your latest results with historical results to track campaign effectiveness.

We can provide staff training in the form of computer-based training or on-site classroom-based training.

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