Determine the level of risk a phishing attack poses to your organisation by performing a simulated attack

A phishing simulation is a test that is designed to imitate a real phishing attack in order to assess an organisation’s level of susceptibility to such attacks.

By performing phishing simulations, an organisation is able to perform a risk assessment, assessing their level of susceptibility, and determining what resourcing may be required to reduce the risk.

Phishing simulations help increase employee awareness of the risks and consequences of falling for a phishing attack, as well as educating them on the warning signs of phishing and how to avoid falling victim to them. This education can be beneficial for compliance with industry standards, such as PCI DSS, which require regular security awareness training for employees.

We can work with you to tailor a phishing campaign, or campaigns, that incorporate simulated phishing attacks, user education, and fully documented reports and remedial guidance.

Our Phishing Simulation service at a glance…

We’ll document the results of your simulation and present as PDFs, with supplementary Excel spreadsheets.

Remedial advice is provided, and bespoke training may be delivered to complement the simulations.

We can provide one-off or regular campaigns which provide results comparisons and allow you to track campaign effectiveness.

We can provide staff training in the form of computer-based training or on-site classroom-based training.

Do your users reuse passwords?

A campaign of training and awareness and auditing can help your users choose strong passwords and ensure they understand the risks present when reusing passwords.

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