A carefully designed and implemented Identity and Access Management (IDAM) solution enhances security, compliance and efficiency across your IT landscape.

We have a great deal of experience in designing and implementing IDAM solutions, incorporating role-based access control and privileged access management.

Working closely with stakeholders across the business, we’ll scope and document the target automated identity landscape, ensuring IT and Governance requirements are met. Our solutions connect authoritative sources, such as HR databases, to downstream systems, such as Active Directory and other third party applications and cloud-based applications.

A comprehensive IDAM solution will ensure users only get access to the information they need to do their job.
User joiner, mover and leaver (JML) processes are automated and performed quickly. Users only have one identity across all applications with consistent attributes based on a single source of information.

Our Identity and Access Management services at a glance…

We’ll talk to stakeholders in your business to establish the required lifecycles of identities based on IT, Governance and corporate requirements.

Support is available in the form of a support contract or as a managed service. We’re here to help if you have future troubleshooting or change requirements.

Working with you, we’ll deploy an automated IDAM system to replace your existing JML process and tools.

We can provide knowledge transfer and support to your staff throughout the design, development and deployment of your IDAM solution.

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