Evolve North Applauds British Library’s Ransomware Response

The British Library’s handling of the ransomware attack last October has become a gold standard in cybersecurity response. CEO Roly Keating led with transparency and empathy, ensuring stakeholders were regularly updated and informed. Their open, honest communication helped maintain trust and showed a deep understanding of the emotional impact on staff and users.

Mark Dennis, Cybersecurity Expert at Evolve North:

“The British Library’s approach is a benchmark for handling cyber crises, blending transparency with a human touch to maintain trust.”

Their detailed report on the incident offers invaluable lessons for institutions looking to bolster their cybersecurity measures. By sharing their experience, the British Library has contributed significantly to the broader knowledge base on cyber resilience.

How can Evolve North help?

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For more information on the British Library’s response, view their full blog post and overall FAQ page on the Cyber Incident.

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