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Purple Creative Services Ltd is an award-winning digital agency that specialises in beautiful and functional websites and stand-out Digital Marketing based in North Yorkshire.

Why Cyber Essentials?

It seems that whenever you look at the news at the moment large companies are suffering and being affected by major cyber attacks and hacking incidents. It is not just large multinational powerhouses but small businesses which are being affected too which is why two Richmond-based companies have recently worked together, Purple Creative and Evolve North Ltd, to ensure that Purple Creative Studio becomes accredited with the nationally recognised Cyber Essentials Certification.

Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme that aims to enable a business to put in place measures to help protect against a wide range of common cyber attacks. It provides a framework of basic cybersecurity controls that organisations can implement to improve their overall cybersecurity posture and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Partnering Locally

When starting the accreditation process Evolve North Ltd helped to establish five key areas of cybersecurity to focus on which Purple then worked through to make sure that the most effective cybersecurity controls were established to protect sensitive information as robustly as possible.

Operations Manager, Sarah Cook said;

“When we started the process of becoming Cyber Essentials Certified it soon became apparent to us that we needed a bit of help to go through the accreditation process and to make sure our security systems and procedures were as robust as they could be.  After a quick search on Google, we were delighted to find Evolve North Ltd who were just on our doorstep and have been a fantastic support throughout the whole process. We love working with other local businesses so we are incredibly proud to receive this accreditation with the help of another local business.”

Gary Reeves, Evolve North added;

“Achieving Cyber Essentials can often take time, but working with Sarah and the Purple Creative team, they fully understood the road ahead and helped make the process straightforward. We are proud to see this certification that showcases how seriously they take their cybercsecurity responsibilities.”

Reach out to find out more, check out our Cyber Essentials site Cyber Toolkit or please contact us.

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