ISO27001 remains the global data security standard recognised and accepted all over the world. This risk-based approach provides the appropriate security for an organisation. We have taken many clients through the ISO27001 process and achieved successful certification.

ISO27001 remains the global benchmark for IT Security and Information Governance, achieving compliance is often not as onerous as many organisations think, as it simply takes some attention to detail and commitment from senior management.

Our team carries multiple ISO certified individuals and our structured approach ensures a completely manageable approach to becoming compliant. We offer an ISO27001 Gap Analysis service to establish the resources both internally and externally that will be required to deliver compliance so that you – the client –always understand the investment required to gain and maintain certification.

Although we are ISO27001 Certified Lead Auditors we work as remediation specialists who build your ISO27001 environment and then defer to other certifying organisations for sign-off; it would be bad practice to fail to “check our own homework”. We can always advise of a suitable Certifying Authority locally to your business, and we will continue to support you during the annual ISO27001 Health Check that forms part of the ISO27001 compliance requirement.

The decision to achieve ISO27001 certification should be a carefully planned and thought out one, and we are always available for informal discussions to establish the need for certification. Often you will have a distinct business driver i.e. a client has mandated that you must be certified to ISO27001, so the requirement is absolute; on the other hand you may be asked if you are compliant with ISO27001. We can assist you in understanding what your real requirement is.