Evolve North is very familiar with working with international airports, port authorities and rail, delivering IT security and information governance services across very diverse transportation environments. The scope and range of these security standards are distinct to each individual environment. We understand the constraints and challenges of these often unique security requirements within the transportation environment.

With projects as diverse as PCI DSS compliance, and SCADA Systems vulnerability assessments we establish the risk of external access to track and safety control systems. We are well versed in the challenges of the transportation environment, which include securing old legacy systems against new threats.

We have delivered many technical IT security solutions including, Encryption network access control, vulnerability scans, two factor authentication, SIEM (security and incident event management) and unified threat management.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements have a significant impact on transportation organisations particularly in respect to storing data that includes passenger information, ticketing and PCI DSS related data storage. It should be noted that a PCI DSS breach is a breach of the GDPR and subject to significant fines and prosecution. We offer GDPR gap analyses to establish the real requirements of your organisation with respect to GDPR compliance, and we have already undertaken significant remediation projects in the transportation environment to assist clients in becoming compliant.

Our team’s broad skill set allows us to work in environments including Scada, engineering asset management systems and IP facing control systems that most IT security professionals would simply not understand.

Delivering highly complex compliance driven solutions into public-facing transportation businesses over many years has provided us with the experience and understanding to get it right the first time.