Housing Associations and Not For Profit Organisations

Evolve North is long familiar with working with some of the UK’s best known charities, Housing Associations and not for profit organisations. We understand how important confidentiality is within these realms, and we seek to help you protect both you and your clients from private information becoming public.

With so many charitable organisations coming under fire for numerous allegations of recent breaches, there is truly a fear amongst not for profits of joining the ranks of such improprieties. That’s why there’s no time like the present to ensure you’re meeting your compliance obligations with both PCI DSS and GDPR. We offer GDPR Gap Analysis, which lays the foundation in constructing the remediation strategy and requirements for GDPR within your organisation. We can help your organisation navigate the complexities of these new systems, and help provide you with the proper tools to establish a secure environment for all data and sensitive information.

It should be noted that there is quite an uptick in fines imposed by the ICO in preparation for the GDPR, and such fines could potentially cripple an organisation. That’s why we here at Evolve North want to help you succeed in avoiding potential breeches that can have lasting damaging effects both financially and to your reputation.

We understand the plight of maintaining a steadfast environment for data to be stored and shared in a safe and private manner, and want you to share the same feeling of security that we have given to so many other organisations.