Evolve North work with a wide variety of hotels varying from chains to bespoke luxury hotels. No matter the size of the institution, we understand how important it is to maintain a strong front when it comes to storing your guest’s personal details.

With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), privacy and security are more important than ever. Our team has the knowledge and tools to assist you and your business in becoming not only compliant, but also to ensure that your needs are met in all aspects of securing private information. We offer the implementation of ISO27001 as well as effecting compliance with PCI DSS. We want you to sleep as well as your guests, knowing that all elements of your data are safeguarded.

With the constant cycle of guests, we understand the individual challenges that come with holding so much personal data. There are other aspects to consider, such as delivering unassailable, dependable internet access to your guests. If such a service is not properly transmitted, there can be a very negative impact upon your business, so implementation must be done suitably the first time, and every time.

Based upon years of experience in delivering complex projects in limited time, Evolve North seek to bring your business the security it needs to function at full capacity..