Working primarily in colleges and universities, Evolve North have delivered many IT security and information governance projects, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) gap analyses, PCI DSS compliance, ISO27001, business continuity planning and technical solutions including remote access, encryption, two factor authentication, identity management and unified threat management.

The challenge of a student and staff environment, and the need to keep a separation between the two bodies is familiar to us. We also understand the complexity of managing a large and ever-changing student body, and the need to be flexible throughout these constant changes. We appreciate that the ability to deliver systems that can manage large changes in student bodies efficiently and securely is critical.

Delivering reliable, secure and appropriate internet access to students is vital to the performance of a college or university, and we understand that deploying technical controls must not negatively impact on that experience. In addition, getting the balance between the technical and procedural controls is something Evolve North is particularly good at, we ensure that there are no gaps in an ISMS (information security management system).

We have worked with some of the UK's most prominent universities and colleges delivering GDPR, gap analyses and remediation projects, including: review/rewrite of policy and procedure, remote access solutions, identity management and encryption of mobile devices. The GDPR presents a complex challenge to universities and colleges due to the wide-ranging and disparate nature of these organisations which often includes forms of social care and the support of vulnerable young people.

Evolve North is highly experienced and well versed in delivering complex projects in limited periods of time to ensure no disruption to the academic year.