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Hospitality PCIThe Northern Information Governance Forum is a not for profit organisation based in the North of England which provides a community that allows the discussion of Information Governance and Cyber Security related issues.

Evolve North, NewcastleGateshead Initiative and Online Systems have come together to sponsor the launch event.

This event will host speakers from leading organisations including the Grosvenor Estate, Darlington Building Society and Evolve North. We’ll be covering a host of topics from Operation Resilience and Data Protection to Brexit and GDPR certification.

The NIGF has limited to 50 spaces for the event so don’t leave it too late.


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 The EU General Data Protection Regulation went live at the end of May 2018, followed closely by the new UK Data Protection Act 2018.  Both have had significant implications for organisations handling  personal data and for many, the last two years have been a time of making sense of the legislation, understanding what the legislation means for their business and trying to implement improvements where current practices have been found to be lacking.

Many of the organisations we’ve supported, have made huge steps forward in data protection compliance, including improved practices around:

  • Ensuring their staff understand their obligations in relation to data protection and IT Security
  • Implementing a Privacy by Design approach to effectively managing information risks
  • Ensuring they have clear processes in place for dealing with data breaches 
  • Supporting individual’s rights via clear privacy notices which document how individuals can exercise these rights
  • Improved technical security of systems processing personal data

However, there is still work to be done, and even where clear structures are in place for managing risks to personal data, it will be key that these are effectively rolled out and used across your organisation.  The ICO’s One Year On update reported their focus for the next year, alongside generally promoting and regulating data protection across the UK will be around their key regulatory areas of:

  • Cyber security
  • AI, big data and machine learning
  • Web and cross-device tracking for marketing purposes
  • Children’s privacy
  • Use of surveillance and facial recognition technology  

As supervisory authorities across Europe start to use their strengthened powers to fine and prosecute organisations and individuals, it will be key for all organisations to remain focused on implementing improvements in all areas of Data Protection and IT Security through 2019-20 and beyond.

DPO Support packageEvolve North is hosting a half day free of charge practical workshop with Muckle LLP on managing the Data Protection challenges in the post Brexit environment. The workshop will address Legal, Technical and Procedural issues. The event is going to be hosting at Newcastle University Business School, Barrack Road in Newcastle and includes lunch.

Below is some detailed information on the event with a booking link. It's set to be a popular event so we really hope you you can make it. Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

The Government has created draft legislation with respect to revising the current data protection laws under the proposed Withdrawal Agreement

The draft legislation, The data protection, privacy and electronic communications (amendments etc) (EU exit) regulations 2019, have been prepared to ensure that the UK data protection legal framework continues to function correctly after Brexit. The instrument amends the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR), UK GDPR and the DP Act 2018. The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement retains the GDPR as part of UK domestic law. This instrument establishes transitional provisions in the DP Act 2018 in relation to adequacy decisions, standard contractual clauses and binding corporate rules. The use of Standard Contractual Clauses that have previously been issued by the European Commission will continue to be an effective basis for international data transfers from the UK to third countries after exit day. For the purposes of the PECR, the GDPR definition of consent will apply. "The DP Act 2018 extended GDPR standards to general processing activities that were outside the scope of EU law via the ‘applied GDPR’. As the GDPR will no longer apply directly in the UK, this instrument introduces a single regime for general processing activities known as the UK GDPR. It is necessary to make changes throughout the DP Act 2018, and to other legislation, as a result of this," the government says. This instrument will remove references in the UK GDPR, for example, to EU Member States, Union law and the European Commission; replacing them, where appropriate, with references that will operate correctly in domestic law. The functions that are assigned to the European Commission in the GDPR will be transferred to the Secretary of State or the Information Commissioner.

Evolve North Guidance

  • This appears to be primarily an amendment to remove references to the European Union within UK data protection law
  • Ensure that you review any existing standard contractual clauses and binding corporate rules you currently have in place
  • Review your Information Asset Register to ensure it is accurate and clearly identifies the physical location of your data
  • "Applied GDPR" is extended to general processing activity outside of the scope of the EU
  • The GDPR is extended as part of the Data Protection Act 2018 and remains part of UK domestic law and must be complied with

If you require any assistance, clarification or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us