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GDPR and DPO Training

The GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 require organisations to ensure staff are aware of their own and the organisation's responsibility in respect of data protection. Other regulatory organisations including PCI DSS, BSI and the FCA also mandate training and awareness for staff.

We believe that face-to-face training and awareness is highly effective as it provides staff with the opportunity to raise questions and discuss data protection issues relating to their organisation. It also establishes an ongoing relationship between our trainers and your staff should they wish to ask further questions post-training.

As part of your overall training and awareness plans, it will be essential to ensure your staff understand what confidential information they need to protect, how to do this effectively and the potential impact of not managing risks appropriately.

By training your staff, you will be making them aware of their obligations under current privacy law and in doing so, protect both them and your organisation from the detrimental effects of a data breach, including damage to your reputation, potential financial loss and possible fines from the ICO.

Evolve North have developed a series of training modules, ranging from sessions that provide a baseline level of training for all staff, to specialised training for staff more actively involved in managing your organisation's information assets.

Modules Include:

  • Data Protection/ Cyber Security Essentials Level 101
  • Data Subject Access Requests
  • Breach
  • Retention and Disposal
  • Information Sharing and Disclosure
  • PCI DSS 101
  • Marketing
  • Managing your Information Assets
  • DPO Training
  • Carrying out Data Protection Impact Assessments

All our Consultants have many years of Data Protection and Cyber Security experience and hold a range of qualifications including GDPR Practitioner, CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) PCI DSS Professional, ISO27001 Lead Auditors and Implementers. Our day-to-day expertise is working with clients on data protection issues, and this experience ensures that the training we deliver is practical and reflects the real world.

We also offer post-training support via email and telephone; this provides access to all our Consultants for 12 months (please note this service is available during normal business hours).

Please get in touch for more information and a price list.