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Hospitality PCI

Evolve North has worked on PCI projects for over 8 years, predominantly in the hospitality industry but also in other sectors such as transportation, housing associations and political parties. We specialise in helping clients reach compliance with the PCI DSS.

In a nutshell, we take clients through the minefield of completing the SAQ and ensuring the are operating in a compliant manner.

“We were recommended to use Evolve North to help us with our PCI DSS compliance.  Not knowing where to start but knowing we needed to start, Evolve North held our hand through the process making it less daunting and breaking it down into achievable segments.  They helped by assisting us with information governance, advising us on the best technical implementation and best practices and where best to prioritise our efforts to achieve maximum coverage.

They specifically helped guide me to achieve the PCI ISA qualification, which then enables our group to complete our own PCI SAQ.  

With Evolve North we held regular meetings to ensure we stayed focused and ‘on track’ and knowing they were also available at the end of a phone to answer those ‘quick’ questions when required was also comforting.    All through the process, I found Evolve North easy to work with and knowledgeable on all areas of compliance from PCI DSS to Data Protection”.  

- Kate Banks, Compliance Officer, Village Hotel Club